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Incentive Themes wrapped in History

Published on March 20, 2015

Imagine a land with a legendary history going back 9,000 years. A land of constant sunshine… Imagine an island framed by dazzling blue waters, isolated bays and golden beaches. This is the land where Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, chose to be born, bestowing upon her beloved island the most precious of gifts: genuine hospitality!

For a taste of this legendary hospitality, check out some of our ideas to make you revel in our island of Aphrodite…

Incentive Themes wrapped in History

Aphrodite’s Seduction

Watch the Goddess of Love emerge from the foaming waters of her birthplace. Feast your eyes on her sensual body and bathe in her holy waters. Taste her wine adorned in the ancient garments of the gods. Party with the Greek deities, drink their nectar and partake of their ambrosia in an unforgettable symposium of love. Let the goddess initiate you in her arts…


Byzantine Apocalypse

Regress back in time. Enter the world of knights and ladies at the “ Porta Giuliana” and sample their medieval specialties. Enjoy the dances and the frolics of the jesters of the Middle Ages. Escape to their medieval village and dine to the tunes of violins and “Laoutos”. Watch out… you may get caught in the middle of a joust!


Dionysos Ecstasy

Think of wine… The mouth-watering substance loved by the Gods and adored by man since the beginning of time. See the grapes ripen in the vineyards, wander in an immense maze of cellars of vintage wines and learn the secrets of making Zivania, handed down from our grandfathers in traditional wine making villages. Taste the famous “Commandaria” in the flowering fields of Kolossi Castle, the medieval fortress of the Knights Templar.


The Poseidon Connection

Cruise along the shores of the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Voyage in discovery of idyllic bays and capes, retracing Ulysses’ journey. Participate in an exciting competition of Olympic games on a remote beach where the winner will be awarded the much-coveted prize of a crown of laurels. May Poseidon grant you the company of mermaids…


Jeep Adventure

Off-the-beaten track adventure in search of the lost treasure, in self-drive jeeps… Let the cultural heritage of 9,000 years unfold before your bewildered eyes. Prehistoric settlements, Hellenistic monuments, Romanesque churches, Byzantine monasteries, Crusader castles, Gothic buildings and Venetian walls mixed in a unique experience through time…

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