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Morning Views: Where to Stay in Santorini

Published on February 12, 2024

From opulent boutique hotels nestled along the cliffs of Oia to charming villas overlooking the azure Aegean Sea in Fira, Santorini’s accommodation options cater to a diverse array of tastes and preferences. Awaken to breathtaking vistas of the caldera and immerse yourself in the island’s serene ambiance as you explore its winding cobblestone streets, idyllic villages, and pristine beaches. Whether embarking on a romantic escape, a family retreat, or a solo adventure, Santorini’s accommodations offer a dreamy retreat where every moment is infused with the enchantment of the Greek Isles.

Santorini DMC Greece Drakos

Perched high above the Aegean Sea, Perivolas Santorini epitomizes laid-back luxury. This intimate escape, nestled amidst terraced gardens, boasts a secluded location just a short walk from Oia, the island’s most captivating village. Guests are treated to expansive views from the infinity pool, seemingly blending into the horizon, while the tranquility of the surroundings offers a serene retreat. With the occasional toll of church bells and the distant whistle of fishing boats, Perivolas Santorini provides a serene sanctuary to savor the changing light until the sun gracefully sets into the sea.

Santorini DMC Greece Drakos

Tucked amidst volcanic grapevines near Vourvoulos, Magma Resort Santorini offers a sanctuary of tranquility for body and spirit. Its minimalist design seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, providing guests with panoramic views of the caldera. Spacious suites and villas, adorned with modern amenities and elegant furnishings, invite relaxation and rejuvenation. Here, contemporary luxury travelers seeking an authentic connection with Santorini’s essence find solace in the endless blue of the Aegean.

Santorini DMC Greece Drakos

Exuding refinement and elegance, NOŪS Santorini harmoniously blends contemporary design with the Aegean Sea’s minimalist style. This cycladic-made luxury resort redefines the Santorini experience with its innovative and modern approach. Inspired by the island’s iconic architecture, NOŪS showcases a rich tapestry of materials, styles, and textures, breathing new life into every moment of your stay. Step into a world where contemporary art takes center stage, and indulge in the timeless traditions of Santorini amidst unparalleled luxury.

Santorini DMC Greece Drakos

Nestled in the heart of Oia, Andronis Boutique Hotel offers a quintessential Santorini experience. Set amidst traditional whitewashed houses and blue-domed roofs, this hotel’s multi-level suites capture mesmerizing vistas of the caldera. Private terraces with hot tubs beckon guests to linger over the views, while the hotel’s two pools offer respite from the Mediterranean sunshine. With five-star comfort and unparalleled romance, Andronis Boutique Hotel promises an unforgettable stay filled with new memories waiting to be created.

Santorini DMC Greece Drakos

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