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Team Building Activities in Cyprus

Published on July 15, 2020

When bonding and team-building is high on the agenda, Cyprus offers the perfect backdrop for your adventures. Here are five great options for your next company outing:

  1. Sailing in the Mediterranean

Nowhere in the world is there a sailing area as rich in historic and cultural significance as the Mediterranean! Steady winds and perfect weather makes the all year long sailing experience in Cyprus unforgettable. No matter if first timers or advanced sailors, our guests will experience the challenge and thrill of navigating modern sailing yachts at first hand. Professional instructors will brief our guests on how to handle the yachts while enjoying an exceptional day with wind, sea and sun.

  1. Beach Games

Our guests are invited to enjoy the local beach and participate in private organised beach games. Groups will be formed and dedicated instructors will explain and assist all participants. Beach volley, sack races, tug of war, sand castle building, a marathon run on the sand, a swimming race, and many more games will give our guests the chance to compete against each other, to laugh, and frolic in the warm Mediterranean sand.

At the end of the day the winners will be announced and will receive their customised trophies!

  1. Photo Hunt

Our photo quest will start with an introduction of Limassol’s history and main attractions followed by a short brief on the quest’s rules. The teams will receive a checklist with the list of objects they need to find and photograph along with a map with tips of where to go and what to look out for. Our teams will explore the city centre of Limassol and will take as many photos as possible from the items included in their checklist before time runs out! Take your camera and let’s go!

  1. Dragon Boats

Dragon boats are made up of a team of around 10 participants per boat, but can also be used with less people and ideally with about 12 participants per boat. A drummer is always seated behind the dragon’s head and his rhythmic drum beat is known as the heartbeat of the dragon. In competition we can use 2 to 3 Dragon Boats. Racing distances can range from 200 meters to 500 meters and it can be enjoyed by all ages as we can customise the event to suit our guests’ needs.

  1. Adventure Park

Actions speak louder than words. The hands-on approach of the multi person needed challenges, are designed to make people work together and experience the power of team building through problem solving. Team Building emphasizes on the importance of effective planning, communication and time management – the challenges do not rely upon physical strength or stamina, making it possible for anyone to take part. Have a go at paintballing, drift go-karting, archery and many more custom games for a day full of adventure.

Contact our team at info@drakosdmc.com for additional recommendations, expert advice and tailor made itineraries.

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