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Things to do around Larnaca

Published on July 04, 2020

Larnaca, located near the birthplace of the famous Stoic Philosopher Zeno of Kition, is today a vibrant city on the east coast of Cyprus. Apart from its sandy beaches, it has a host of treasures for the visitor to explore.

  1. Chirokitia Neolithic Settlement

Outside Larnaca our guests can visit Choirokitia, the oldest Neolithic settlement in Cyprus. The site is one of the best preserved prehistoric sites of the eastern Mediterranean.

  1. Lefkara village

The village of Lefkara is renowned for its unique architecture, charming narrow streets and limestone built houses. It is also the village from where in 1481 Leonardo Da Vinci purchased Lace with which he decorated the altar of Milan. Our guests will continue their tour walking through the narrow winding streets where they can discover the silversmiths and the lace-makers, whose designs follow the time-honoured traditions of their forefathers. Cyprus coffee with Loukoumi will be served at one of the village coffee shops, called “KAFENION” in Greek.

  1. Lazarus cathedral and Larnaca old town

Our excursion takes us to the city of Larnaca, built on the ruins of Kition, as the town used to be known, which was one of the several ancient city kingdoms of the island. After a short city tour we visit the cathedral of St. Lazarus, the first bishop of Kition, originally built in 900 AD. With three large domes and decorated with an impressive iconostasis; tradition says that the place of Lazarus’ tomb was lost during the period of Arab rule beginning in 649. In 890, a tomb was found in Larnaca bearing the inscription Lazarus the friend of Christ. Emperor Leo VI of Byzantium had the Church of St. Lazarus erected over Lazarus’ tomb in the late 9th century.

  1. Pierides Museum

We continue to the Pierides private museum where over 6000 exhibits present the 10,000-year history of the island.

  1. Kiti

The final stop will be the village of Kiti, which hosts the church of Angeloktistos with its magnificent mosaics dating to the early Christian period believed to be built by Angels.

Don’t forget to stop for a coffee or lunch at the Finikoudes promenade.

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